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Ayudar is Working Towards Becoming NDIS Registered Learn about Ayudar's progress in becoming NDIS registered, our NDIS compliance software CentroASSIST and our most important procedures.
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At Ayudar we are in the process of becoming a NDIS registered provider, so we can help more people. This process requires time and money and is particularly difficult for new providers. Until we become registered with the NDIS we are considered an unregistered provider. A provider can provide their services without being NDIS registered but can only provide support to participants who have their NDIS Plan Self-Managed or Plan Managed.

Minimum Standards For Unregistered Providers.

Meeting Regulations Meeting Regulations

The NDIS stipulates some further minimum standards that unregistered providers like us must follow:

  • Worker screening. This in order to ensure that all people who provide NDIS supports and services demonstrate clearance. All employers have the right to ask workers to obtain a clearance by undergoing an NDIS worker screening check.

  • NDIS code of conduct . All registered and unregistered NDIS providers and workers are required to comply with the NDIS Code of Conduct. The NDIS has guidelines available so that workers and participants understand what their obligations are under the NDIS code of conduct.

  • Complaints management: Unregistered providers must effectively handle complaints that affect the quality and safety of the supports and services they provide. If the person is not able to resolve the complaint directly with the provider, the person can file the complaint with the NDIS commission. If a complaint raises a compliance issue, the NDIS Commission has powers to take action.

Ayudar Uses Australia's #1 NDIS Compliance Solution.

Our Compliance Solution of Choice Our Compliance Solution of Choice

To ensure we comply with all the rules and requirements of the NDIS, Ayudar uses a paid subscription of CentroASSIST .

Ayudar is not affiliated with CentroASSIST and does not make any money promoting them. We just think they have a great product.

CentroASSIST is an Australian Software company which supplies provider management systems. These systems offer support for providers to register and stay fully compliant with the NDIS.

CentroASSIST offers different types of products depending on the needs and size of the provider. Here are a few of their offerings:

  • Centro FREE: offers free online information for providers, which includes a registration guide with the NDIS and search tool for the NDIS prices.

  • Centro ESSESNTIALS: it is ideal for new providers and sole traders, it offers access to ready-made NDIS policies, processes, forms, registers and participants documents.

  • Centro PROFESSIONAL: Offers help for small providers. It provides content and resources to review your registration or renewal with the NDIS.

  • Centro BUSINESS: This is a service for medium sized or large providers. It provides vendors with an app for employees to understand and apply the organization's policies and processes.

  • Internal Audit: is for all sizes of providers. It is a NDIS-specific assessment system that allows you to create a documented program of internal audits which is fit-for-purpose across the full range of compliance standards.

At Ayudar we are committed to a maintaining a high quality for the services we provide. We aim to ensure that workers and participants receive fair treatment when giving or receiving support. This is why we use CentroASSIST to comply with all NDIS requirements.

Important Ayudar Procedures and Policies.

Ayudar Logo Ayudar Logo

Here are some of the main policies and procedures that we implement:

  • Abuse, neglect and exploitation: all people have the right to live a life free from fear of abuse, harm, neglect and exploitation, regardless of gender, age, disability, background or any other characteristic. We are committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all participants to whom we provide supports and services.

  • Bullying, harassment and discrimination: All services and supports are provided in a safe, flexible and respectful environment for workers and participants that is free from all types of bullying, harassment and discrimination.

  • Business insurance: This is an important part of risk management, as it helps keep employees and services safe from any possible liability, injury or loss.

  • Continuous improvement: this is one of our main policies. For us, it is important to listen to participants and workers to obtain feedback, understand what we are and are not doing well. Then take action and try and improve the issues we find.

  • Decision making and consent: Consent is the permission given by a person or a substitute for decisions that affect the life of a person. Participants are always presumed to have capacity to make their own decisions and give consent when it is required, unless there is evidence otherwise. We don’t assume a person lacks capacity because of their age, appearance, disability, behavior, language, skills or any other condition or characteristic.

  • Person-centered practice: this policy supports and promotes a person-centered approach in the way we provide supports and services. This means that the participant is the center of the supports and services, not the service provider.

  • Privacy and confidentiality: This policy ensures we protect and handle personal information in accordance with the NDIS and relevant privacy legislation. We acknowledge an individual’s right to privacy while recognizing that personal information is required to be collected, maintained and administered in order to provide a safe working environment and high standard of quality.

  • Risk management: involves identifying and managing risks. This includes a wide range of risks including to the organization’s operations, to workers and to participants.

It is important to understand why compliance with these processes and policies is important for participants and our workers, this is not only for the safety of people but also to ensure that participants meet their proposed goals within the plans established for each individual by the NDIS. Some of the main desires of the NDIS is that the participants are able to fulfill their proposed goals and are able to make their own decisions about themselves for more independence and participation in the community.

In Ayudar we work hard to comply with the requirements of the NDIS and empowering our participants to achieve what they dream of accomplishing. If you need support, get in touch below.

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